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slot roma Come to know the guaranteed without disappointment.

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ปิดความเห็น บน slot roma Come to know the guaranteed without disappointment.

slot roma As for the popular slot format, it is due to This type of slot has many advantages. The gambler likes and wants that is. Will get many free bonuses And free games and most importantly, the jackpot is very often broken Today we will bring you to know This kind of salad to be fully known. And have tried to play, guaranteed not to be disappointed, go and see

Basic terms in playing

Before going to play this type of slot, the most important thing. In playing that is Words that we should know, vocabulary that we come together today is a basic vocabulary. That the gambler will need to know in order to play a slot gambling game. In this form itself The basic terms are as follows.

  1. The term Total bet. For this term that means The adjustment of the bet balance, which is both positive. And negative if positive is Increase the amount of money, but if it is negative, that is, reduce The bet amount is down.
  2. Vocabulary. Balance. For vocabulary, this is a channel showing our balance. Remaining from playing
  3. Vocabulary. Win will be when we win or rotate the image along the line. And will show the profit of each spring that we have
  4. Vocabulary Auto pay for this vocabulary is a push button, automatic spin that we do not have to press in each round, the system will press for itself.
  5. Vocabulary. Playtable. For this term, that is, the pay schedule itself.
  6. Vocabulary. The word Line is a line showing the number of lines. Of the game, if it’s a slot roma, there will be a total of 15 lines.
  7. The word Spin is a button for starting the game. Or spin the wheel itself, which If we press into this button, it will say Spin, but if we do not press, it will show Stop.
  8. Words. Credits. For vocabulary this word is a channel showing the amount of credit All of us in the game slot roma
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