Roger Casterline Interview

Roger CasterlineHow did your career help you write your book?

I was a high school guidance counselor for twenty seven years, and a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for ten years. Over the years I learned things about families and young people.

In my capacity as a high school counselor students would often come to my office with problems looking for advice. The problems would be new to the students; however, for me I had seen the problem over and over again with other students. From these encounters I learned steps that would bring success, and steps that would lead to failure for the student. For example one day a young lady came to my office in tears over her boy friend. She was upset by the way he was treating her. I was acquainted with her boyfriend, and knew him to be rebellious both in the home and school. I told the young lady that the only solution was for her to break up with her boy friend. I knew she was expecting me to bring her boy friend in, and read the, “riot act,” to him. So when I told her to break up with him she left my office upset with me, still crying her eyes out.